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Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo St. Charles Borromeo

Our Mission

Today the Congregation is called to face the new and urgent needs of the mission with its complex problems of development, human promotion and peaceful living in communal harmony. In these circumstances the members of the Congregation are called to be persons of their time as Fr. Adrien Bresy was a man of his time. His work responded to a particular need of the time. The members of the Congregation lived and ministered to this need according to the mentality of the time. Fidelity to the charism and spirit of the Founder therefore implies that while being rooted in the past it must keep widening its perspective by constant attention and listening to the needs of the present moment and search for new ways of meeting these needs.
It is in deepening its roots that a tree can grow upward ensuring its strength and stability. Thus the members are called to prolong the originality and fruitfulness of the charism in the various situations of the times. To be a Sister of St. Charles Borromeo today would entail facing the challenges of the world of today and ministering to its needs in the context of the present society with its changes in political, economic, social, cultural and religious conditions. The growth of the charism of the Congregation therefore calls for searching new answers to the new problems that the building of the new world entails.
From the little mustard seed that was sown in the soil of Wez, Belgium by a humble parish priest to a mighty tree it has grown into today spreading its roots and branches from east to west, north to south there certainly has been growth and adaptation.