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Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo St. Charles Borromeo

Our Vision


Our religious family of St. Charles Borromeo was born out of a mystical encounter of our Founder with God which nourished and provoked an evangelical response in a historical context. The prophetic response of Fr. Adrien Bresy led to a concrete service to suffering people, women and children in need.


The General Chapter of 2012 is an invitation to discover new ways of expressing our consecration, new ways of following the Lord more closely, new ways of finding joy in living our community life, and new ways of serving the people of God. Jesus who has been the most excellent and most effective MYSTIC, PROPHET and SERVANT is inviting us to follow in His footsteps. Sr. Benedicta Lobo - Inaugural Address General Chapter 2012.


The Consecrated life faces many challenges to bear witness in today’s world. It is in this world the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo are called to live as Mystics, Prophets and Servants. The Spirit impels us to live in simplicity and austerity, prayer and contemplation, service and mission with the poor and marginalized. G.C. 2012, pp 55.