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Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo St. Charles Borromeo


25 years ago on this day 16 of us pronounced our first vows in the parish Church of Byrathi.

12-May-2020 11:33:07

25 years ago on this day 16 of us pronounced  our first vows in the parish  Church of Byrathi. Today , 14 of us,  Srs. Rita Tigga,Veera , Severine Lobo, Lucy Miranda, Litty, Lissy CD ,Wilma , Juliet,  Jancy, Judy, Sindhu, Clare ,   Sobitham and  Gretta  celebrate the silver jubilee of our Religious committment. We thank God for His faithfulness and steadfast love. We are grateful to all those who accompanied us in our journey especially our formators. Please bless us and  join is in thanking the Lord.