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Lay Collaboration

In today’s globalised world, the Holy Spirit is calling for a spirituality of communion between the religious persons and laity in building up the Kingdom, and not work in isolation.

Reading the signs of the times we realize that this is the age of the laity. It is the call of the Church to give to the laity its rightful place in the Church and in the world. We see around us how the lay faithful are coming forward, getting more and more involved, putting their time, talents and potentialities at the service of the Church. It is one of the signs of the times and it urges us to build upon this strong force in the Church.

S.C.B. Associates are men and women who wish to associate themselves with our Religious Congregation and share our charism, spirituality and mission. The vocation of the lay faithful and the vocation of the religious enrich, strengthen and complement each other mutually, while each one maintains its proper identity.

The S.C.B. Associates make an important contribution; their vocation is orientated to the sanctification of the family, the profession, the public life and so on. We cannot overstate the importance and centrality of the laity, according to Lumen Gentium… “they are called by God that, being led by the spirit of the Gospel, they may contribute to the sanctification of the world, as from within like leaven, by fulfilling their own particular duties…It pertains to them in a special way so to illuminate and order all temporal affairs with which they are so closely associated that these may be effected and grow according to Christ and may be the glory of the Creator and Redeemer.”


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