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Nirmala Hospital, Old Town - Bhadravathi

Foundation Day      : 1943

Present Apostolate : Medical, Social, Pastoral and Educational (College of Nursing and Health aids training) ministry


Nirmala hospital, is a fruit of love created by those who loved to dream and dreamed of love. The dreamer was Mother Virginie. There were also Mother Jean Marie, Sr. Francisca, Sr. Ursula Sr. Veronica, Fr. Harou and Mrs. Van de-Kerchove who fed to her dreams, made them grow and gave them substance. When these and several others dreamed, toiled and wore out for Christ the dream called NIRMALA HOSPITAL was realized. God had his designs. Mother Virginie never spoke about it to anyone. But quite unexpectedly, on 1 st May 1951, the President of the Old Town Municipality Mr. Madhavachar came to visit her and requested if the sisters were ready to open a maternity hospital in Old Town area. The idea caught Mother Virginie. As a good religious and always practical, she referred the matter for approval to the Superior General - Mother Adele and to Bishop Msgr. R.Feuga, Bishop of Mysore. Mother Adele gave her wholehearted approval, but the Provincial Council of St. Charles refused the plan because it was unrealistic. Sisters did not own any land, building, equipment, and trained staff. They had no source of income for a charitable venture but Mother Virginie knew that the Lord was on her side and nothing could prevent her from leaping in the dark. The initial work of the sisters was to take care of the health needs of women and children in the dispensary, in the mobile clinic and maternity home and take care of the orphans and abandoned babies. As the number of patients increased in the hospital, Mother Virginie and Mother Jean Marie felt an urgent need to expand the hospital. On 14th September 1962 Mother Virginie was called to eternity. Mother Jean Marie however took charge of the hospital and the community and proceeded with the construction of isolation block and nurses block, the top story right and left wing of the main building and the completion of the hospital portico in 1969. 25 years of tireless and fruitful service to the suffering humanity was celebrated during the Silver Jubilee of the hospital in 1980. In 1995 blessing of the sister’s quarters took place as the present rooms of the sisters had to be given for patients. The modernization of the hospital with a pharmacy, operation theatre, installation of X- ray and ultra sound machine was done in 1995. The year 2003 saw, construction of the second floor of the hospital blessed by Bishop Gerald Isaac Lobo and inaugurated by Mother Benedicta, the Superior General. Bishop Isaac Lobo, Bishiop of Shimoga requested Mother Benedicta to open a nursing school at Nirmala hospital. On her return to the community, she shared the request of the Bishop and discerned with the community. Though we did not have trained sisters to take up the nursing school, unanimously all agreed to the proposal. Thus, the dream of having a Nursing School and subsequently a College was realized in 2004. 1955-2005 Golden jubilee of Nirmala hospital, was a time to recall the blessings of the Lord on the institution. In the year 2012, renovation of the OPD block, a spacious outpatient department a most needed dream was realized. Now Nirmala hospital is a fully fledged 250 bedded hospital. Sisters are actively engaged in medical, social, pastoral and educational (College of Nursing and Health aids training) ministries serving thousands of people.

St. Charles Borromeo

Fr.Adrien Bresy the founder proposed St.Chareles Borromeo as Patron of the Congregation


Our Crest

The whole crest is surrounded by lilies and violets in the midst of which is the motto: LABOUR, FAITH, and PROGRESS. The entire crest is surmounted by a Cross radiating the divine rays.

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