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Prem Nivas St.Charles Convent Belgaum, Karnataka

Foundation Day      :  1979

Present Apostolate :  Medical, Social, Education and Pastoral apostolate


St. Charles Convent, Prem Nivas is in the Diocese of Belgaum (Belagavi) and is situated in Nirmal Nagar, Belagavi District of Karnataka State. The founder of Nirmal Nagar is Rev. Fr. Thomas Tharayil a diocesan priest from Bellary diocese, who came to Balekundri near Sambra to continue the Jesuit Mission. He was inspired at Lourdes Grotto, to name this campus as Immaculate Town, meaning Nirmal Nagar. So he placed it under the patronage of our Lady and the foundation stone was laid on 22nd August 1963. In those days the Feast of Immaculate heart of Mary was being celebrated on 22nd August. It was his dream that boys orphanage, school, hospital and the Church should be in one campus. Initially the Bethany sisters were invited to this place. They were working as headmistress and teachers in the Pry. School and as wardens in the Orphanage till 1971. In 1971, Fr. Thomas Tharayil started the Hospital project but the Bethany sisters did not have any trained medical personnel, hence they had to invite Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary from Amrithsar. But they could not communicate in Kannada and were finding difficult to manage the hospital and also this was their only community in the south of India. They were in Nirmala Nagar till November 1979. On 14 th December 1971 Nirmal Nagar experienced a great loss as they lost their founder and beloved father. Rev. Fr. Thomas Tharayil died of heart attack at Wanless Hospital, Miraj. As per his wish on 20th December 1972 foundation stone was laid for the construction of the Hospital by Shri K. R. Ramachandran IAS Divisional Commissioner. It was blessed by the then internuncio. For the inauguration of Nirmal High school building Fr.Thomas had invited as president, the Archbishop of Bombay, Cardinal Valerian Gracias who was the first Cardinal of India. Fr. Thomas in his Inaugural speech mentioned that his next plan was to build a Hospital in Nirmal Nagar for the local villages. In the Presidential speech, Cardinal Gracias promised help towards the Hospital project. That’s the reason why this Hospital bears the name CARDINAL GRACIAS HOSPITAL. The Bishop was on the lookout for the sisters of another congregation, who knew Kannada and who were involved in the medical apostolate as their Charism. The then Bishop of Belgaum, Bishop Ignatius Lobo approached the then Provincial Sr. Benedicta Lobo. It was coincident that the Congregation was celebrating their golden jubilee of Indian Mission that year. At the request of the Bishop, the congregation took up this new mission as the Golden jubilee memorial. The pioneers of St. Charles Convent, Prem Nivas Belgaum Sr. Carmel (Celine Dsouza), Sr. Antonio and Sr. Hilary were given a warm welcome by the Bishop of Belgaum on 11th November 1979 in the Bishop’s house and on the next day the 12 th of November the Provincial Sr. Benedicta along with the pioneers had a grand welcome by then Parish Priest Fr. Peter Veigas, the SCJM sisters, boarding boys and the school children. The SCJM sisters stayed with them for the couple of days and handed over to them the Hospital and the Convent and left the place. Sr. Carmel was the first Superior. Sr. Hilary, the nurse took the charge of the Hospital. A mention must be made of Dr. A.S. Godhi the RMO of the Hospital and after him the experienced Dr. Manohar Moses Chopade dedicated and committed Doctors who worked tirelessly with the motto ‘SERVICE FOR THE POOR’ without considering his monetary benefits. There was whole hearted support for the sisters by the villagers. Sr. Hilary put her whole heart and mind bringing up this health mission, visited the villages in the mobile ambulance, treating the patients in the room provided by the panchayat. In view of increasing number of patients, we started the evening OPD. Deshnur health mission was started in 1980 is still continuing after few years of discontinuation. Initially we took up the challenging mission of mothering the abandoned children, healing the sick, Pastoral activities, Mother and Child welfare program, Social work and teaching. For few years we had the HIV/AIDS project supported by the government. We have also taken care of a large number of poisonous snake bite patients. The convent was renovated in 2004 and the Cardinal Gracias Hospital renovation is going on at present. Cardinal Gracias Hospital is considered as a rural bond centre for St. John’s Academy of Health Sciences. Hence, we are privileged to have the services of the graduates from St. John’s Bangalore. The plans to start the Nishlalanka DE – ADDICTION AND REHABILITATION CENTRE for the men from the surrounding villages, work is in progress. 

St. Charles Borromeo

Fr.Adrien Bresy the founder proposed St.Chareles Borromeo as Patron of the Congregation


Our Crest

The whole crest is surrounded by lilies and violets in the midst of which is the motto: LABOUR, FAITH, and PROGRESS. The entire crest is surmounted by a Cross radiating the divine rays.

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