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Villa Borromeo, 44/1, Hennur Road, St. Thomas Town - (P.O) Bangalore – 560084


Vocation Facilitators Province Meetings

The prayer session was animated by Sr. Wilma Rebello, the Co-ordinator for COSAF. Sr. Janet D’Souza, the Provincial Superior initiated the day with an introductory session, “Put out into the deep water and let down the nets for a catch.” Lk. 5:4. Sr. Sheila Corda presented the many challenges that the youth encounter in making a choice for the Religious Life. The power point presentations on the topic made the topic more practical and issue based.

The following are appointed as the Vocation Facilators of the Province. 

Sr. Elsy John - Wayanad

Sr. Winnifred Saldanha - Belgaum

Sr. Pramila Arokiasamy - St. Thomas Town

Sr. Elizabeth Anthuraj- Shirwad

Sr. Lucy Pais - Kammanahalli

Sr. Assumptha Fernandes - Shimoga

Sr. Therese Mascarenhas - Karunalaya

Sr. Clara D’Souza - Omzoor

Sr. Maria Sophia - Thuthiyoor

Sr. Margaret Fernandes - Sunkeri

Sr. Mary Josephine - Muchalamba

Sr. Margaret Kumar - Vakola

Sr. Stella - Niddodi

Sr. Christina Flora - Marouli

Sr. Preetha Pinto - Bhadravathi, Old Town

Sr. Benedicta D’Souza - Bhadravathi, new Town

Sr. Vasudha - Adrian Nivas

Sr. Geetha - Georai

Sr. Jennifer Almeida - Muchalamba

Sr. Kesari - Villa Borromeo

Sr. Agnes D’Souza - Patne


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